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Committed to Efficiency, Delivering Excellence in

Victorian Energy Upgrades Program


Induction Cooktop

Transforming Kitchens, Eliminating Gas.

An electric cooktop - Save Energy N

Coming later 2024

Air Conditioner

Comfort, Efficiency, Savings.

Air Conditioners - Save Energy Now

Switch your Gas Heating to an Electric Air Conditioner


Electric Heat Pump

Warming water, cooling the planet.

Neopower Heat Pump - Save Energy Now
Emerald Energy Heat Pump - Save Energy Now

Free Energy Monitor

Monitor your energy usage and reduce the energy bills.  

Emerald Planet Energy Monitor - Save Energy Now

Free Shower Heads

Upgrade your old shower head with our low flow shower head.

Water Saving Shower Head - Save Energy Now

Free Airvent Seals

Keep the Warmth In, the Dust & Cold Out!

Air Vent Seals - Save Energy Now

Free Exhaust Fan Seals

Keep the elements out, the comfort in!


Free Door Seals

Say goodbye to drafts!

Door Seals - Save Energy Now

Free Chimney Seals

Block out the draft and bring in the warmth.

Chimney Seals - Save Energy Now

15+ Years


10+ Products




Products Installed

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