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Evaporative Air Vent Seals

What is Evaporative Air Vent Seal?

Evaporative Air Vent Seal covers prevent heat loss out of evaporative cooling vents.

The product is a neat solution that improves the efficiency of your home

It works to block evaporative cooling vents in the ceiling of homes which are the source of significant heat loss over winter.

Easy change in the summer means that getting your cooler operating again is a breeze.

Clear evaporative cooler vent covers are simple to install by connecting a small hook to the inner frame of the vent or the louvres. The foam on the vent cover seals against the face of the vent or if the cover is larger than the vent it will seal tight against the ceiling.

  • Reduce heat loss

  • Quick and easy to install and remove

  • Each size fits a large variety of vents

  • Reusable every winter

Screenshot 2022-08-29 162638.png

- Don't forget to remove the Evaporative Air Seal vent prior to operating your evaporative cooling system. 

- These seals are recommended for evaporative cooling systems only. 

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