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Exhaust Fan Seals

FREE Exhaust Fan Seals - under Victorian Energy Upgrades Program. All Victorian households are eligible to get free exhaust fan seals. Enter your details in the below form to claim your free exhaust fan seal. 

Exhaust Fan Seals By Save Energy Now

How it Works?

Every household has exhaust vents where the vents are not sealed. These can leads to flow the outside air into inside and inside air flow out. It leads to drop or rise the room temperature and increase the energy bills to maintain room temperature. 

In order to prevent the air from coming inside and flowing outside, exhaust fan seals will be installed at the exhaust vents. The exhaust fan seals have flaps where it opens when the exhaust fan is turned on and it closes with the exhaust fan is turned off. 

Exhaust Fan Seals How it Works Image by Save Energy Now
Fan Seal helps to...

- Maintain Room Temperature 

- Save Energy Costs 

- Maintain indoor air quality 

Fan Seal is...

- Fire Resistant 

- VEU Approved Product 

- Easy and Quick installation 

- Free for Victorian Households


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