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Chimney Seals

FREE Chimney Seals - under Victorian Energy Upgrades Program. All Victorian households are eligible to get free chimney seals. Fill out the below form to claim free chimney seals under victorian energy upgrade program.

How it works?

The Chimney Seals is the most simplistic and efficient solution in Australia for stopping the cold winter draughts coming down your unused Chimney. 

Draught proofing your chimney is a simple low cost solution you can do yourself today. You can manage your home’s ventilation, your thermal comfort, reduce your energy costs, reduce your emissions, and keep bugs, dust, external smoke, other pollutants, birds and rain out of your home.

Without basic draught proofing, homes will have cold draught and heat loss during winter. And this works in reverse in the summer months, with cooled air from air-con escaping. It’s a bit like leaving a big window permanently open.
















All victorian households can get the temporary chimney seals for free under victorian energy upgrades program.

Chimney Seals how it works Image by Save Energy Now


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